Why PicklePongDeb?

2024 US Open – Gold Medal with Carolyn Bagley



Invented in 1965, the game of pickleball has grown rapidly. It is the fastest growing sport in the USA and currently 3.1 million people play pickleball. I started playing in 2004 and in 2018 I was named Florida Senior Games Athlete of the Year.


My Teaching Style

Using my years of experience in teaching and coaching I’ve developed a training curriculum that I use in my clinics and camps. In a group setting I focus on improving the skills of my students using drills, practice sessions and a round robin tournament at the end.

On an individual basis, I find the best communication style for each student whether it be verbal, visual, or a hybrid approach coupled with repetition. My students hit a lot of balls.



I give private lessons in several locations in Florida near The Villages as well as traveling to your location. In addition, I give camps at Grand Oaks Resort and Recreation Plantation in Florida. I’m also on the road teaching in Georgia, North Carolina, California and many more locations. Contact me for more information.

Intensive Training Camps given at your home court
  • Hands-On Intensive Training
  • Customized to your needs
  • Groups of 12 or more
  • Deb’s Mantra T-Shirt and “Intense Pickleball Workbook”
  • Prizes, Coupons and Certificate of Completion
  • Drills, Strategies, Practice Play all geared to your skill level

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Success Stories

“When I recently retired, one of my goals was to learn a sport. This was very challenging because I had never played any sports.

Deb has helped me master the basics of pickleball. She has a passion for pickleball and really wants to share her knowledge and skills – with beginners as well as with more experienced players. As a top player, she has an in-depth understanding of the mechanics and strategy of the game and develops an individual lesson plan for each student that is appropriate for their skill level. She is flexible — when a lesson isn’t working, she always finds a new approach. She challenges you, but she has incredible patience. She never gets exasperated when you miss the same shot over and over again. She has an amazing work ethic. At every lesson she feeds you hundreds of balls and as a beginner, repetition is key to learning proper strokes.

Deb has helped me develop the skills to make it possible for me to play and have fun. I look forward to  more lessons with Deb to continue to improve my game.”

As a a beginner PB player I have had lots of ‘court  advice’ from players about how I should hit the PB, foot stance, and  how to return the serve etc. Also, I fell down twice going for lobs.  I took one lesson with Deb and all the ‘voices’ in my head disappeared.

Deb made it so easy to execute my serve, to make strategic returns and showed me an easy way to get to the volley line.  Deb also helped me with my lob returns so I would not fall anymore.  Prior to my first lesson with Deb, my PB games were in a mental frenzy trying to remember everything my PB Colleagues were ‘helping me with’ on my game. I had so much helpful input from others  about ‘turning my shoulder,’ ‘how to hold the paddle,’ and ‘what to do with my feet’ that I was confused thinking about the things they said and how they did not make sense to me. Deb showed me GOOD, easy to execute serves, return of serves and getting myself to a lob consistently and gives me the ability improve on these as I play.  My brain in one lesson free of all the muddle in my head and I absolutely feel like I can play not only better, but more play relaxed and confident.

Thank you so much Deb.
I am your Fan!

I have nothing but the highest respect for Deb Harrison!. I was blessed to witness and participate in several of Deb’s clinics while visiting The Villages. I was amazed to see that Deb has a name for EVERY shot/concept in pickleball which is nice as I teach others:-). Whether it’s a “block drop”, “curl”, “quick, quick, slow” or “earning the net”……awesome!

I was so excited that Deb agreed to partner with me recently at a tourney and it exceeded my expectations! Deb has a knack of giving tips in a welcoming way:-) I’m ALWAYS learning and “pulling back more layers of this onion” we call pickleball.

Thank you Deb for all you do to further pickleball so that any skill level can play as well as possible and therefore enjoy it to it’s fullest!!!

Pickleball Rocks and so do you, Deb Harrison!”


Deb is a 5.0 player, who is also a 5.0 teacher. She takes her teaching every bit as seriously as her playing. It doesn’t matter if a student is 2.5 or 5.0. They get the same attention. I once saw her feed 323 volleys in 10 minutes to an advanced beginner – it was amazing!”


A huge thank you to Deb Harrison for the one on one private lessons.  I’ve been playing PB for 3 years and have attended numerous clinics and camps. Lately it seemed as if my improvement had plateaued, and I was not playing at the level I wanted to be.  In a few short lessons, Deb was able to clearly show me the little things that I needed to work on to improve my game!  Again, thank you Deb for the professional instruction.


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