2021 US Open Mixed Doubles

2019 Gold National Senior Games

2019 Minto US Open

2018 Female Athlete of the Year

2018 Margaritaville USA Nationals


Deb Harrison has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education. After her career as a high school and college teacher and coach she fell in love with the game of pickleball and now devotes her time and energy to training pickleball players of all levels.

Teaching Style

Known all over the country as “PicklePong Deb”, she is especially gifted at analyzing strokes and finding ways to help each player improve quickly. She gives each student a progression path so they can continue to improve after her instruction.


In 2021, Deb Harrison became part of the Electrum Pickleball team.

Athletic Achievements

Deb’s accomplishments are extensive – they include…

  • 2021 Minto US Open
    • Gold Mixed Doubles Age
    • Gold Women’s Doubles Age
    • Bronze Women’s Singles Age/Skill
  • 2019 National Senior Games
    • Gold Age Women’s Doubles
    • Silver Singles Age
    • Silver Mixed Age
  • 2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships
    • Silver Mixed Age
    • Gold Women’s Doubles Age
    • Silver Singles Age/Skill
    • Gold Women’s Doubles Age/Skill
  • 2018 Florida Senior Games Athlete of the Year
    • Female Athlete of the Year
  • 2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships
    • Silver Mixed Age/Skill
    • Silver Women’s Doubles Age/Skill
    • Bronze Singles Age/Skill




Deb’s Pickle Picks 2020

Deb mentoring Mindy Yoder

Private lesson at Recreation Plantation